Finished Projects

This beautiful backsplash is from MSI which we are the lucky few who get to carry. Also the quartz in this picture is also available and on display in our showroom.

This floor is filled with style.  With wood flooring from the Hallmark line called Puebla Hickory. Very happy with how this fit the owners vision of what they dreamed their house to look like.

This flooring is our Gravity loose lay, water proof, anti-skid. This is a revolutionary flooring that doesn't need glue or any other fixation to your subfloor. Making it easy and quick to install. Its resistant top layer and great stability makes it suitable for any kind of use, also for high traffic areas.

Ok who would not want this as their room? This room is very warm and welcoming and yes its a "mud room". 
Were do we start with this amazing project? The floor alone is such a beautiful piece the braid in it looks like a work of art. This Shower hold three different patterns and has two different areas to sit and to place your Shampoo and Conditioner. 

This fireplace is one of a kind and amazing to look at. Owner decided to go with a stacked stone from Great Lakes and it came out just like we hoped. 
Want your flooring to really bring out your bathtub? We can help you design a look that will bring your eye right to what you want to look at.
This Bathroom had such a wonderful flow to it. The marbled design that changed from one tile to the next really make you look all around. with the niches that we put in, having the design run in the same way really makes it all come together. With this client they wanted to make sure that they had a place to sit and relax for a moment. 

This pattern really pops. The owner was unsure of how this would look but after a little bit of trust this was the out come. Love it!
Here is a Job where the color of the Flatt Pebble stone really pops against the Grey color textured tile. We  like the way that the metals bring out clean lines in this shower. 

This is the beautiful look of the Hallmark  Brand's Stout Birch. Not only is this a beautiful look but it will stand the test of time. This wood carries a beveled edge, amazing color pallet, scraped look and a variety of sizes. This product really makes for an amazing room as you can see. 

Looking to combined not only two room but three rooms. Jail Hill Inn owner requested a warm and inviting feel for everyone who walked in the door. With the need for all rooms to transition from one room to the next smoothly. The combination of American Olean tile and Kraus wood lead to this fantastic result.  

This client was looking to add some height to thier bar area. With the wood moving in a vertical pattern leading the eye to see how large the wall really is. Also this color really makes for a welcoming environment to walk in to. Who would not love to come and relax here for a moment? 

Not only does this puppy love the look but so does the owner. With accent tiles placed around the bathtub and walk in shower adding a great balance of color and texture to the room. The earthy tones in this room make it a great place to relax in the bath after a long day of work.

 What a great combination of patterns can do for your wall. The accent boarder with small color variation really pops off of the neutral tones on the rest of the wall. The main focus accent at the top of the wall adds such a wonderful texture without adding a ton of movement to the room. Great idea and the final result was just what the owner was looking for.

This is a great showcase of American Olean and something as simple as changing the direction of the tiles. The tile around the bathtub is facing a different direction then the tile on the floor. This actually bring your eye to the bathtub and the beautiful accent tiles located all around it. Using a darker tile here lead to the owner being able to add brighter colors in other things in the room. 

American Olean is showing a great textured tile here. We made sure to have all the tile patterns run in different directions adding to the focal point. 

Love the way this pattern on the floor came out. Using a glass accent tile from United Flooring and porcelain tile all around from American Olean. This bathroom screams elegance. 

This Bathroom came out amazing with an angled tile it really welcomes you to the next room. The lighter tile here works well with the darker vanity and crome fixtures.

The LVT used here is going to last the test of time. Not only is it scratch resisdent but also water resistant. So no matter who comes over or what accidents might happen the floor will be looking amazing. With the color that was choosen and the angle that we put it on bringing your eye right to the Fire place area. The owner did a great job at making this feel super inviting. 

At this B&B they really wanted warmth as well as making everyone feel comfortable. Using this LVT on the floor it makes it so the owner has nothing to worry about. This floor will last, no matter the season and how many people come in.  

This was a great shower with alot of movement in these panels. This sandstone quartz really makes it easy to clean with no grout lines. The chrome fixtures really stand out against the tan textures here. 

This bathroom bring a feeling of calm with the grey being the primary color of focus. With having the grey as the main color your eye is brought to the amazing bath.